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Our balloon section is a very small part of Cheshire Crafts based at the back of the shop.


We stock a small range of latex, helium and foil balloons, from large numbers, themed balloons, shapes, personalised and balloons for most occasions... just to name a few!

We also stock weights, banners and candles.  


  • Plain foil balloons from £3 

  • Personalised 18" balloons from £4 

  • 18" balloons from £3 

  • Latex from £1.50 

  • Bunch of 3 balloons on weight from £7.50 


Balloons can only be purchased in store and must be pre-paid for. Balloons available for collection only. 

We would prefer if you pre-order balloons, but we can do some balloons while you wait. However during busy times/ or when classes are on, we will be unable to do them while you wait, but we will agree a time for you to pick them up.

For large quantity balloon orders, we are unable to do these while you wait. We can only do these pre-order only.


T&C's apply*


Inflating Balloons 

We are more than happy to inflate balloons purchased from elsewhere*.

Prices for inflating start from £2. 



*Balloon T&C’s 

  • We cannot guarantee balloons. The float time of balloons depends on the type of balloons and its surroundings.  


  • Once balloons leave Cheshire Crafts, they become the customers' responsibility. We are not responsible for anything once they have left our possession. 


  • Foil balloons generally last much longer than latex. If you would like latex for an event or party, they are better to collect on the day of the event. 


  • Please keep balloons away from sharp objects, animals, heat or anything that can cause damage/deflations (Please note cold temperatures may cause the balloons to loose air (deflate) and hotter temperatures may cause balloons to over inflate (burst)   


Inflating Balloons (purchased from elsewhere) 

  • We are more than happy to inflate balloons for you. Please note if the balloon pops while we inflate them, you will still have to pay for the helium used. We cannot be held responsible for any defects in the balloons and the life of the balloons. 

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