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FMM Fun Craft The Easiest Rose Ever Cutter

SKU: 5060040064531
  • Made in the UK
  • Contains one cutter


How to use:

If you’ve ever looked at a rose that someone has made out of clay and thought… “I can never make that!” well think again. This amazing cutter from FMM is truly so easy, you’ll not want to put it down. To use the cutter firstly roll out some clay in a colour of your choice, between 1mm and 2mm thick on a glass mat dusted with cornflour. Press the cutter into the clay and then slide the cutter backwards and forwards to ensure a clean cut. Carefully remove the clay from the cutter and then using the FMM Firm Foam Former Pad and a Modelling Ball Tool, roll the tool from the centre of each scallop over onto the mat. Then fold the shape in half long ways and roll from one end. 

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